Meet Dr. Fliss


Dr. Ian Fliss


Graduated from Life University in 2010

Doctorate of Chiropractic
Attended Penn State University 2000-2004

Additional Degrees

Certified Medical Examiner (NRCME) for Department of Transportation (DOT)
Board Certified in Physical Therapy


Association of New Jersey Chiropractors

“My upper and lower back felt disconnected. My husband had been seeing Dr. Fliss for chiropractic care, and suggested that I schedule a consultation.  Dr. Fliss determined that my neck was misaligned (which I could see on the x-ray) and recommend treatment along with daily stretches at home. I began with three visits a week, and have gradually decreased my frequency over the past nine months to every other week. The disconnected feelings is gone, and both my mobility and balance have improved.”



“I had a very painful elbow and hand that I just couldn’t get any relief from, despite seeing a hand therapist.  I had seen a few chiropactor’s in the past but not recently.  I honestly found Dr. Fliss by complete accident but I’m SO glad that I did!  I had never heard of ultrasound therapy and was nervous, but Dr. Fliss put me at ease.  I had to go quite often in the beginning but the relief was immediate! While I will never be completely healed, a once a month trip to see Dr. Fliss keeps my elbow/hand pain free.”